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Children's Drawing House

So What’s Under Your Roof?

Have you ever noticed how kids draw a house?  It’s usually a box with a couple of windows, a door and a triangle-shaped bit on top to represent the roof. Just a thin line protecting the house and everything inside.…

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Person On Ladder At Roof

Excuse Me…Your Fascia Is Showing

And that's a good thing! Your roof's fascia is a board that runs along the edge of the roofline. It's part a finishing touch to give your roof a nice, smooth visual edge. And it's part functionality, holding your gutters…

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Ice Dams With Broken Gutter

Caring for your Texas Roof in Winter

When people think of places dealing with winter weather, they generally don't include Texas in the conversation. And while we it's true that here in Central Texas we don't see the negative digits plaguing our Northern cousins, it has been…

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New Metal Roofing Top Down View

Why Metal Roofing Endures

As a general category, metal is among the toughest and most durable of all the materials ever used for roofing. Metals which have been used for this purpose include steel, copper, zinc, aluminum, and lead. Dating back thousands of years,…

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James Hardie Siding & New Building Materials

Our customers often ask us about HardiePlank siding and other fiber cement products from the James Hardie company. Because of the great reputation this company and its products have earned, we've been using their building materials for decades, and that…

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