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If You Want A Green Roof, At RoofCrafters We’re Certified Green Roofing Experts

Talk to Us about How to Save Money with Green and Sustainable Options for Roofing and Siding

Energy efficiency and conservation of resources are increasingly important to people — including those of us at RoofCrafters, Inc.. Austin homeowners, business owners and contractors. All of us are Green Roofer Logo Finalbeginning to seriously consider both our impact on the planet and long term energy costs when we build or remodel. RoofCrafters, Inc. wants to partner with its customers to lower their long-term energy costs and to seek innovative ways to conserve our resources. We invite you to consider the advantages of going green during your next roofing, remodeling, or building project — we’re all working together to improve our ability to be good global citizens.

Minimizing Waste

We are leaders in offering eco-friendly options, in both roofing and siding. Hardie siding has the beauty and character of wood, yet is made from renewable and recyclable resources that will not crack, rot or delaminate. It is also considered ‘green and sustainable’ by industry professionals. One of the most exciting products for roofing shingles is EcoStar, which is made from durable, impact-resistant rubber and plastic…with options that look just like slate!

Remodeling, re-roofing included, produces a heavy burden on landfills in the United States. Eleven million TONS of asphalt shingle waste is going into American landfills each year. These products are not recyclable and deteriorate very slowly. Over the last twenty-five years, it has been RoofCrafters’ experience that low-end, 20-25 year shingles actually need to be replaced in 10-12 years. The higher quality shingles provide a longer life span and thus require less frequent replacement. Less frequent replacement reduces the amount of asphalt shingle waste pouring into landfills. Some products, like metal roofing and siding, can be recycled at the end of their functional life.

If shingles end up being the roofing product you choose to have on your home, RoofCrafters, Inc. encourages our potential customers to explore higher quality, high impact shingles with longer warranties from the manufacturer. Thirty, forty, and fifty-year warranties extend the life span of your roof.  What makes this important? You get a great look and long lasting protection while reducing the frequency of roof replacement in the future.

Need a green roof estimate — or interested in learning more about green roofing and siding? Click here to request your free estimate and consultation today! We’ll have a Project Planner get in touch with you to answer all of your questions and explore the possibilities.

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