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There’s a New World of Efficient, Green Roofing and Siding Options

Get Energy-saving Solutions with Added Insulation, Green Roofs and Durable, Quality Hardie® Siding

Americans spend $40 BILLION per year just to air condition buildings! That represents approximately one-sixth of all the electricity produced in this country. RoofCrafters can actually reduce the cost of living in your home or operating your business by installing energy-efficient materials and incorporating designs that can lower monthly utility bills.

In addition to the roofing system, there are several other factors that affect the efficiency with which your home or office uses energy. Of particular importance are attic and wall insulation, radiant barriers, and ventilation. In each of these areas, more is not necessarily better. Again, quality and how well these things work together will impact both your comfort and energy results. New options are becoming available every day that reverse earlier thinking about how to achieve energy efficiency!

How do the returns work?

Most energy efficient products work well in the heat and the cold, so the returns can even be talked about as annualized returns. Why not put your money in the safest possible place, reducing your energy costs for your home, with guaranteed returns of 10-40%?


It makes a lot of sense to start by creating a priority list. Some folks like to figure out what gets them the biggest bang for the buck. At the top of this list you will find attic insulation, radiant barrier and roof ventilation. Other concerns are replacement windows, doors, hot water heaters, and HVAC systems, along with energy efficient roofing materials.  Because attic insulation, radiant barrier and roof ventilation typically come with much smaller price tags per project and can have a significant return on investment, they can be an a logical place to start.

Before you decide to undertake a project, it makes sense to talk with someone who’s knowledgeable and experienced, who will do an on-site visit to analyze your particular situation. At RoofCrafters, we are very knowledgeable about energy efficiency and the best way forward. Or, if you know you’re ready, click here for a free estimate and we’ll send a Project Planner your way. Interested in learning more about energy efficiency and potential cost savings? Click here to request your free estimate and consultation today! We’ll have a Project Planner get in touch with you to answer all of your questions and explore the possibilities.

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