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A Typical Roof Replacement Timeline

A new roof will enhance your home’s comfort, protection and even curb appeal. Also, energy-efficient roofing can help you save on energy costs. 

Typical Roof Replacement TimelineHere’s what a typical roof replacement timeline looks like. 

Before the Installation

A dumpster might be brought to your house at least a day before the roof replacement begins. Another dumpster might be delivered if your contractor is recycling your old roof shingles. At RoofCrafters, we work with top manufacturers like Owens Corning®, who has a Roofing and Asphalt Shingle Recycling Program for old asphalt shingles. Make sure to ask your contractor when the dumpsters will come so you can move your vehicles or belongings. 

On the Day of Installation

Consult your contractor if you need to move your pets during the roof installation. Whether you’re getting new asphalt or metal roofing, you should protect valuable outdoor items and landscaping. Leave your gates open for the installers, or ask them to always close the gates behind them. Let the person in charge know if you have any special requests. 


Your contractor should let you review their work so you can make sure they have completed the job right and accomplished all your requests. Usually, they will clean your yard to look for loose nails and other debris. Talk to your contractor about the cleanup process before the replacement stars, and ask them for a secondary sweep if you’re unhappy with the results. 

After the Installation

One to three days after installation, someone will pick up the dumpster. A representative from your contractor would visit your home to do a general review and take the final payment.  

Choose RoofCrafters for your commercial or residential roof installation. Our team specializes in flat, tile, metal and custom roofing. Call us at (512) 337-3339, or fill out our online form to request a free quote.

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