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6 Must-Ask Questions Your Roofer Should be Able to Answer

6 Questions to Ask Your Roofer

If you think a full replacement is expensive, imagine the cost of having to re-do it because of an incompetent installation. Thankfully, there are some safeguards you can take before a single shingle is laid. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to check on before hiring a roofing contractor.

Here Are The Questions You Should Ask A Roofer

As a consumer (whether as a residential or business customer) there is a checklist you should have handy as you research the best roofing contractors in your area. Skipping over these important questions may leave you in an expensive situation.

Are You Licensed?

The first question to ask your new potential roofing contractor is whether or not they’re licensed. This is an especially pertinent question to ask in Texas since the state does not require licensure for roofing contractors. While you could go cheaper by hiring from Craigslist, it’s not worth the gamble.

Reputable roofers will be real members of well-established builders’ associations. If you’re a commercial customer, ask for their license credentials for commercial-specific projects. They should know how to handle the job safely and they’re compliant with local codes. A roofing license is an important testament to their experience and training.

Are You Insured?

The roofer’s insurance should be in their name – not someone else’s. As a consumer, it’s important that your roofer has insurance because in the case of an accident, you or your business won’t be liable for medical bills. While accidents are rare for experienced roofers, it’s safer to assume accidents as a possibility.

Are Warranties Offered?

The warranty they offer should be a written document – not just a handshake. The contractor should be able to clearly explain what it covers and for how long. Ask about what the manufacturer of the materials will cover in a warranty in addition to the contractor’s actual workmanship.

As a certified MasterElite GAF roofing company, we’re equipped to offer the Weather Stopper Integrated System Limited Warranty – one of the very best roofing warranties available!

Are There Other Products or Services You Provide?

Once you find a great roofer, wouldn’t it be nice to have them provide other home improvement jobs too? Some roofers (like us!) also replace siding, install radiant barriers, build decks, and more. After trust is established from a successful roof installation, you’ll have your go-to guys for other projects too.

Why Do They Think You Need a Roof Replacement?

The contractor should have reasons why your roof needs to be replaced. There should be evidence of defects, old age, energy loss, or a combination of the three. Overly-pushy sales folks are a red flag.

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Do They Have Local Reviews You Can Read?

This is a big one. Any trustworthy roofer in the 21st century will have quality online reviews. Even if you’re considering a giant national roofing company, they should have localized reviews from customers near you. Check their Google business profiles first.

Read Local Google Reviews for RoofCrafters.

What Kind of Materials Can They Offer?

If you’re considering a metal roof, ask about the different metals they use and what their thicknesses are. Thickness is an important factor in how durable your metal roof is. What are their shingles made of? How well can each material maintain the climate within your home? Ask them for their best recommendations according to your budget.

Eliminate the Guesswork with RoofCrafters

Since 1981, we’ve provided central Texas home and business owners with quality they can count on. Whether you need a few touch-ups or a full replacement, we’re happy to answer your questions. Get started with one of our local project planners today. Estimates are always free!

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