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Your Roof’s Condition Can Affect Your Insurance Premiums

Many factors can affect homeowner insurance premiums: the house’s age, proximity to bodies of water and whether or not you had recently made improvements. But there’s another, relatively lesser-known factor: roofing condition.

Roofing Condition and Insurance Coverage

The newer the roof, the better premiums insurance providers would offer. The reasoning is that new roofs are more likely to stay whole after a storm. Repairs would cost less and lower payouts on insurance claims. It wouldn’t make sense for insurers to offer low premiums for old and leaky roofs; they’d go bankrupt in record time if they did. This is why we remind our customers to let their insurance providers know whenever they have their roofs replaced as it can help reduce their insurance premium.

If you are looking into getting your roof replaced soon, talk to your roofing company about features that make the roof more wind resistant. This includes starter strips reinforced with adhesive, which makes it more resistant to wind damage. Complete roofing systems with high wind ratings, with corresponding warranty coverage, typically have most of the features that you need. Wind-resistant roofing also helps reduce the risk of damage to property due to leaks.

Keeping Your Roof In Good Shape

If your roof isn’t up for replacement, make it a point to keep up with scheduled roofing maintenance. It probably won’t make your insurance provider drop your homeowners’ insurance premiums, but it can keep your premiums from skyrocketing. Most roofing companies offer roofing maintenance agreements, which are basically pre-booked maintenance appointments, which are usually done every three years. It can help you save time booking a roofing contractor when it’s time to perform roofing maintenance.

Additionally, it helps to keep an eye on your roof by performing visual inspections once a year, ideally during spring season, in preparation for summer storms. Keep an eye out for signs of roofing damage, such as dents, cracks or missing shingles. Check the attic for water stains – which indicate existing roof leaks – and mold growth. Excessively hot and humid air in the attic are indicative of ventilation problems. Let your roofing contractor know about your findings and perform repairs as soon as possible.

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