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Working With Your Contractor: Managing Expectations

Working With Your Contractor: Managing Expectations

Working on a home improvement project puts into focus the importance of maintaining a steady working relationship between the homeowner and the contractor. To begin with, both parties must be clear with their responsibilities. Both must take steps to avoid any form of miscommunication that might cause conflict and potential delays.

Working With Your Contractor: Managing ExpectationsEstablishing Communication

Communication is essential to a successful home improvement project, which is why the contractor must give you a timely response to any queries you have. Then again, it is possible you are not the only client. So, don’t expect the pros to call you back within minutes. Calls or text, however, must be returned within the day while email replies take about two to three days.

Pulling Permits

Applying and securing permits are one of the main tasks of any siding or roofing company. The pros are experienced at pulling permits. Let them do the work on this one, and you’ll be making your life easier.

Change Orders

You may be thinking that everything written in the contract is certain, but change orders may most likely crop up at any time during the project. These are modifications to the entire project timeline, requiring extra work for the pros and using your contingency funds. Whether you want something changed or your contractor discovered unforeseen complications in the project, be sure that these are mutually agreed upon between you and the pros.

At RoofCrafters, our goal is to become full project partners with you. As the best metal roofing company in the local area, we commit ourselves to helping you understand your options and guide you in every step of the way until the project’s completion.

Call us at (512) 337-3339 or (512) 979-7053. You may also fill out our contact form to discuss your plans with us.

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