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Winter Roof Installation Measures Taken by GAF Certified Roofers

Central Texas winters may be milder compared to other regions, but it still gets unexpectedly cold on a few rare instances. While this makes roof installation a bit trickier than usual, the project is still highly doable. In fact, it’s especially worry-free when you choose a trusted roofing company like RoofCrafters for the job. As a GAF Master Elite® roofer, we perform the necessary practices to make sure the installation is safer and easier. Here’s what we do:


  • We check for temperature extremes. In theory, there is no lower or upper temperature limit when it comes to roof installation as long as the appropriate measures are taken. But it still pays to know the easiest time to do the work. In colder months, for example, the recommended temperature should be above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • We keep our replacement roofing materials in properly heated storage spaces. To prevent damage during cold weather, RoofCrafters stores your GAF shingles in a heated area above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. We do this for at least 24 hours to keep the shingles pliable and a cinch to install. As one of the leading roofing and siding contractors in your area, we always make sure the materials we use maintain their high quality.
  • We use the proper installation method. In cold weather, we prefer not to use the racking method for installing your new roof. This particular technique involves lifting or bending the shingles to place the last nail, which may cause them to crack and break along the bend. 
  • We hand seal the shingles when necessary. Sealing time for shingles will depend on your roof’s slope, its exposure to heat or cold and its orientation. When it’s too cold out, we will hand seal the shingles to properly and promptly activate the adhesive. 

Why Choose RoofCrafters?

By turning to a GAF Master Elite roofing company like RoofCrafters, you’ll have greater peace of mind knowing that your new roof shingles are high quality and long lasting, and that we can install it perfectly right the first time. You’ll also benefit from the exceptional product warranties and workmanship guarantee included with them. We are not just the best metal roofing company in your area, we also specialize in top-tier asphalt shingle installation.

Keep your home protected from extreme weather damage by turning to RoofCrafters. We proudly serve homeowners in Leander and surrounding Central Texas communities. Call us today at (512) 331-5500, or fill out this contact form to schedule your free estimate.

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