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What You Need to Know About Writing a Design Brief

Working with a remodeler is the ideal thing to do if you want to remodel a room or add another functional space in your home. This involves getting your ideas across as clearly as possible in the form of a design brief. But how do you put one together?

About the Design Brief

A design brief refers to a long, detailed list of every design aspect of your home and your desired changes. It can include the number of rooms you want to be added, the number of people you want your renovated home to accommodate and additional features you want to incorporate into your living space.

The purpose of a design brief is for everyone involved in the project, including homeowners, remodelers and roofing and siding contractors, to better understand the things needed to be done and the desired outcome.

Design Brief Do’s and Don’ts

Sometimes, your wants can get in the way of your needs and vice versa, So, as you write down your design brief, you must keep in mind the things you need to prioritize and those that you can disregard for now. This way, it will be easier for you to tackle the decision-making and problem-solving aspects involved in your home renovation or addition project.

Also, don’t set aside your lifestyle when making your design brief. Which rooms are for entertaining people? Would you like to work from home? How much time do you spend in your indoor and outdoor spaces? Do you want to add more storage? Ask yourself these questions to help you put your vision for your home into writing. Remember, “a clear what and why enables the how”.

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