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Things to Do When Your New Roof Starts Leaking

A leak may seem like the worst thing in the world to happen to your new roof. Fortunately, in most cases, this issue is easily repaired, oftentimes in a prompt way. If this happens to you, you should handle it in the most appropriate manner possible without getting yourself into a state of panic or resorting to arguments with the roofing pros.

Today, RoofCrafters, Inc., your local roof replacement contractor, shares the things you need to do when your new roof begins to leak.

Call Your Roofer

At the first sight of a roof leak, never delay. Otherwise, it could further damage not just your roof but also the other areas of your home. Contact your roofer and inform them about the issue. You’ll know they can be relied upon if they don’t show hesitation in doing the service call. It is also likely for some contractors to offer a workmanship guarantee, so it would make sense to inquire if your roof is qualified for their warranty.

Be Courteous

Keep in mind that roofers are professionals and will want to show their commitment to the services they offer and stand behind their work. So, be calm and courteous as you explain to the roofer the situation of your asphalt shingle or metal roofing system. It’s okay to let them know of your inconvenience, but with a respectful tone, emphasize to them the need to have it fixed before the next bad weather occurs.

Call a Different Contractor

Sometimes, it does happen that you contacted and worked with a not-so-reputable roofer—one from another location and suddenly disappeared as soon as the work was done. If this happens to you, just remember that the leak can still be fixed. Be sure to call a more established and reliable contractor in your area. Consider those that can do the repair and, at the same time, extend the warranty to the rest of your roof.

By turning to RoofCrafters, Inc., you won’t have to worry about roof leaks and improper installation. Our factory-trained pros are trained, skilled, and experienced, so we can assure you of a job done right the first time. Apart from our roofing services, we also install James Hardie siding and do home remodeling. Call us today at (512) 331-5500 or fill out our contact form to request a free quote.

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