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Reasons to Choose Building a Home Addition Over Moving

You can either expand your home or move into a new one if you have a growing family. However, moving is stressful, expensive and a hassle. 

Reasons to Choose Building a Home Addition Over MovingClosing Costs

Some of the things you have to pay for when you move to a new home include home staging, home inspection, realtor fees, land transfer taxes and new utility accounts. You may also have to pay a fee that’s close to your existing mortgage if you weren’t able to transfer it to your new home. There’s a huge chance you’ll have to complete renovations unless you’re moving into a brand new house. 

Longer Travel Times

Your kids may have to transfer to another school if you move, and this can cause them stress and anxiety. Moreover, you’ll have to deal with longer travel times if the board allows your children to stay in the same school. Consider the time you’ll need to travel to work if you moved from the city to a rural area. 

Stress & Hassle

You’ll have to update numerous companies and government organizations of your new address and contact information. Aside from that, you’ll also need to set up new utility accounts and contact your current providers to transfer the accounts to new owners. 

Packing & Moving

Packing is one of the most stressful steps of moving. After you’ve moved into your new home, you’ll have to unpack and replace everything. Consider the cost of moving your furniture, appliances and household items. You’ll have to take note of the cost of storage and temporary accommodation if you’re moving to a house that’s being renovated. 

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