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Rain Like This Isn’t Your Roof’s Friend!

Right now, we’re all focused on the boil water orders, the flooded roads and the damage to property along the lakes and rivers. But as homeowners or owners of commercial property around Austin, we also need to pay attention to the damage these endless days of rain can do to you roof. 

Storm damage isn’t just about wind

A lot of people don’t consider the possibility of roof damage unless high winds have been in the forecast. But just water alone can do almost as much to your roofing, especially when it rains heavily for days on end. 

Heavy rain (or persistent rain) can make small problems into big ones

That tiny crack in a tile…that little gap between shingles…that missing sheet metal fastener. By themselves, they’re probably not a big deal for your roof. But heavy or consistent rain can make small cracks into bigger ones. It can widen the gaps between shingles or begin to seep in behind the loose metal panel. Suddenly, what your roof is supposed to stop is making its way into your structure. That could appear as ceiling stains, dripping sounds overhead, bubbling paint on interior walls…or it could hide in your attic, soaking insulation, and even make its way down into your walls, weakening structural elements. 

Mold and mildew — heavy rain’s legacy 

Whether it comes in through a leak or crack in your roofing, drips in through a soffit, or accumulates in your roofing deck, ceilings or walls, all this rain can lead to nasty mold and mildew indoors. Addressing small leaks and weak points, and promptly replacing any damaged drywall, wood or other porous materials is the best way to head off this kind of rain damage. 

Clogged or missing gutters can spell disaster for siding

If the rain coming off your roof isn’t directly safely away from the building, it can quickly wear away at stone or brick siding, or soak into or behind siding. That could spell big — and expensive — trouble down the road. 

If you suspect a leak, get it looked at immediately!

No one likes to hear that they may need another building repair. We get that. But if you suspect a roof or siding leak in your home, call a professional as soon as possible and have them take a look. A small repair now could save your house or other building from major damage sometime soon. 



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