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Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof

Is a metal roof really worth its price tag? Take a look at some of the top reasons why metal roofs have gained so much popularity for both commercial and residential properties. We’d understand if you thought we’re biased as a roofing company – but if your budget allows for a metal roof, we think you’ll see the advantages outweigh the cons!

Longevity & Durability

A high-quality, properly-installed metal roofing system can last an entire lifetime with no compromise in performance. Even the best shingle roofing materials pale in comparison – you can expect a maximum lifetime of 25-30 years.

Metals are generally stronger than the rubber and plastic composite materials used in shingle roofs. Thicker metal roofs won’t crack, deconstruct with high winds, and depending on what kind of metal they’re made of, are even resistant to impact – like acorns or small hail stones.

Its durability extends beyond weather-resistance, too. Metal roofs don’t mildew, burn, rot, or become infested with insects either. A tightly sealed metal roof wards off water more effectively than any other material. Most of them also carry Class A fire-resistance ratings. They’re durable to wind speeds of up to 140 miles per hour, which would exceed category three hurricane speed!

High-End Aesthetics

There’s no doubt that metal roofs look superior to shingles. They’re a work of art that brings attention to each unique angle, nook, and cranny your roof displays.

New metal roof
Pictured above is a stunning custom black metal roof, designed and installed by the RoofCrafters team in Austin, Texas.









Materials and Colors

The RoofCrafters team offers so many unique combinations of materials and colors, allowing your roof to truly stand out from the rest. Check out these examples of a few of the most popular materials we offer: galvalume, aluminum, copper, and zinc.

A beautiful Galvalume metal roof
A beautiful off-white galvalume roof.


Red aluminum metal roofing
This bright red aluminum roof sets off the entire home as a vibrant, modern farmhouse


Copper metal roof added to accentuate an entrance
Image credit: Riverside Sheet Metal Reflective copper roofs usher in a classic-contemporary feel while protecting your property for a lifetime.


A new zinc metal roof
Image credit: Home Remodeling Costs Guide
Zinc’s natural semi-matte, light gray color instantly modernizes a home.

Each material requires some specific know-how from your roofing contractor. 

Custom Design 

Not only do metal roofs come in different materials and colors, but with the on-site manufacturing we provide, adding custom striations, panel widths, and accessories is simple. Our metal shop produces matching flashing, gutters, downspouts and other truly custom embellishments. Many residential and commercial rooflines require custom shaping to fit perfectly and look their best.

Beyond custom materials, colors, and panel shapes, the way the panels lock together is another characteristic of your metal roof. Double locking, single locking, and snap lock panels are available to select from.

The Cons of a Metal Roof

The first and most obvious downside to selecting a metal roof is the cost. Metal roofs are significantly more expensive than non-metal options. 

However, because of their longevity and performance, some homeowner insurance policies provide discounts for metal roof owners. Plus, an established and reputable roofer should be able to provide a strong warranty because of the low likelihood of major repairs.

If your roofing contractor cuts some corners on the materials or installation process, future repairs may be costly on a metal roof. Take a close look at their BBB reviews and Google reviews. Ask for some examples from their past work installing metal roofs.

Is a Metal Roof Worth the Cost?

Generally, yes! They may be more expensive up front than a standard shingle roof, but their durability and beauty pays off. 

Our expert project planners are happy to visit your home or business to discuss. Let’s see what your best roofing options are today. 

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