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5 Preventable Things Ruining the Appearance of Your Roof

A proper inspection, cleaning, and maintenance schedule could have prevented some ugly roofing mishaps. These five issues take your entire home’s aesthetic down a few notches.

#1: Algae growth

When algae grows on a roof, it causes dark streaks to appear. This particular type of algae is able to move through the air, so it’s hard to prevent. These dark streaks are commonly found in hot and humid areas – like Texas.

Although we don’t recommend homeowners to get on top of their roofs, the process for a professional cleaning is fairly straightforward. A water and bleach solution is sprayed and left on the roof for about twenty minutes. Then the solution is simply washed off with pure water. We wouldn’t recommend power washing or scrubbing the shingles, as this may reduce their effective lifespan.

The good news is that algae growth shouldn’t affect how well your roof operates. It’s just an aesthetic issue. But it’s an ugly one – and certainly takes away from curb appeal.

#2: Rusty vents and flashing

After the galvanized coating wears off from the metal vents and pipes atop your roof, bare metal may be exposed. This is especially common in older homes. Newer homes feature roof vents made of plastic and aluminum.

If you’re looking to get rid of the rust look, again, we suggest you call a professional that uses the proper safety equipment and training to get the job done safely. Depending on what exactly is rusted and much rust is present, the roofer may clean the surface with alcohol. Then, they’ll scuff the vent using steel wool or sandpaper to remove the surface rust. They’ll mask the shingles nearby with tape or tarp and spray an aerosol primer on the vent. Rustoleum brand spray paint is made for this kind of application.

The end result is a rust-free roof – a much cleaner look!

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#3: Dirty, crooked, or broken gutters

If you’ve just invested in a full roof replacement with beautiful modern materials, you ought to complete the job by cleaning, repairing, or replacing gutters.

Gutters suffer from hail damage along with the roof. They’re not immune to algae growth, either. Dented and dirty gutters take away from the overall look of your home. Plus, chances are that they’re not working as well as they could. Replacing gutters can help prevent water from flooding in garden areas and yards.

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#4: Roof “whiskers”

Tiles roofs, while classy and aesthetically pleasing, are especially susceptible to a certain problem: efflorescence. Efflorescence is a chalky white layer of crystalized salt sometimes called “whiskers” due to its appearance. It occurs when humidity slows water’s ability to evaporate. Over time, efflorescence will dull the nice reflective property of a tile roof, causing them to look dirty.

America’s largest stone supplier, Delaware Quarries, suggests that efflorescence be removed with one of two cocktails: five parts hydrochloric plus one hundred parts water, or twenty parts vinegar to one hundred parts water.

#5: Moss and lichen

Compared to algae, moss is spongy to the touch and can look like a “carpet” of soft plant matter. Lichen is a combination of both algae and fungi. Moss, lichen, and algae can all grow underneath roofing shingles. Because of this, identifying a problem may not be possible just by taking a glance at your roof from your front yard.

They grow best in dark, moist areas. The perfect environment for these three roofing pests includes high humidity, shade, and falling organic debris from overhanging trees.

Worst case scenario, moss grows underneath your shingles, absorbing more water day by day. This eventually leads to moisture buildup inside your home, leaving you with an expensive bill to pay.

Best case scenario, a professional roofer identifies the problem as it starts, removing debris on top of the roof, and treats the invasive plants with the appropriate chemicals as to not damage your roof in the process.

Ready for a nicer roof?

Whether you’re just needing a thorough inspection and cleaning, or your roof needs to be completely replaced, RoofCrafters has you covered. Get in touch with an expert project planner today!

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