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James Hardie Siding & New Building Materials

Durable Hardie Siding on Craftsman-style Home

Our customers often ask us about HardiePlank siding and other fiber cement products from the James Hardie company. Because of the great reputation this company and its products have earned, we’ve been using their building materials for decades, and that experience gives us added confidence for any job where we’re installing their products. Over the years, James Hardie has expanded its product line significantly, applying its knowledge and principles for quality and durability to many new materials, which go far beyond the siding for which the company became known.

For example, many people still aren’t aware that Hardie offers their HardieTrim Boards in a wide range of widths, including fascia boards for the roofline, several types of curved profile molding, and batten boards with a rustic, wood grain pattern. Made in two different widths, these batten boards are a perfect match for HardiePanel Vertical siding when a classic board and batten look is desired. They also provide excellent accents for HardieShingle siding. HardieSoffit panels are another product which can add a lot of durability to the roofline, an exterior part of the building which is particularly vulnerable to the effects of weather. Soffit is the surface material installed just under a building’s eaves, and also in the ceilings of outside porches. Vented and non-vented HardieSoffit profiles are available with both woodgrain and smooth textures.

Just as it provides different textures for its soffit and lap siding, James Hardie provides choices for smooth or wood grain textures for its panel siding and trim. After being painted, their wood grained surfaces are nearly indistinguishable from natural wood. The real difference lies in the fact that unlike wood, James Hardie’s products won’t ignite when exposed to flames, and they aren’t subject to decay from termites and microorganisms.

A high-performance version of HardiePlank lap siding has built-in foam insulation. By adding another layer of insulation, this improves a building’s energy efficiency with an additional R-Value of 3. And in the future, as energy costs increase, these small differences are very likely to add up to big payoffs. Besides lowering energy costs, HardiePlank insulated siding can improve comfort by helping to reduce outside noise levels.

As a James Hardie Preferred Remodeler, we at RoofCrafters appreciate the availability of these and other new products. They help us do our job better by improving appearance and adding long-lasting durability to the siding and roofing jobs we complete. If you have any questions about these and other products or services, please call us at (512) 331-5500 (or toll-free at 888-979-7053. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free estimate.

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