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How to Choose the Right Shingle Color for Your Home

Choosing a Shingle Color for Your Home

One of the biggest decisions homeowners make before a roof replacement is what shingle color to use on the roof. Virtually every roofing material is color customizable. 3-tab and architectural (or “dimensional”) shingles can come in many different colors and patterns.

As far as matching the shingle color to your home, there really isn’t a single one-to-one choice. As the homeowner, the most important factor is whether you like it or not! But these are some things to consider as you’re trying to figure that out.

Roof Aesthetics: Dark vs Light

Dark Shingles

Dark shingles and light siding create the ever-popular modern farmhouse aesthetic.
Image credit: McDaniel Farms Exteriors

Whether it’s a car, clothing, or a roof, darker colors will soften edges and angles. But unlike choosing an outfit, it’s not necessarily a rule to wear darker colors on the bottom and lighter colors on top. In fact, most people opt for a shingle color that’s darker than their exterior house color.

If you want to show off all the unique angles and crevices of your roof, dark shingles may not be the best choice. It will somewhat hide the angles.

But larger homes can gain a dramatic classy effect from a darker colored roof. If it already has dark trim and light siding, a dark roof can really set it off. If your home has dormers, they help break up the darkness of the roof.

Light Shingles

Light shingles can make homes appear larger.
Image credit: Top Team Construction

Light colors make objects appear larger and they show off the shape of your roof. They create a more cozy and welcoming feel. They bring out all the unique contours of your roof.

If your house’s exterior color is a very light color, be careful with choosing a light-colored roof. If the shingle color is too close in shade to the exterior color, it may give off a mismatched effect. The whole home could also look “washed out” like a photograph with too much light exposure.

Matching the Trim

If you’re stuck and can’t make a decision on shingle color, just match it to your trim. It’s a safe way to ensure the roof ties in with the rest of the home. These are some parts to consider matching your shingle color to:

  • Door frames – the material surrounding doors
  • Window frames – the material surrounding windows
  • Fascia boards – the edge of your home where the roof meets the siding
  • Soffits – the underside of the fascia boards
  • Columns – vertical supports, usually located near the front porch
  • Corner posts – a type of decorative molding on a home’s corners

Image credit: The Balance Small Business

Bolder colors

Roofing shingles aren’t limited to earth tones and grayscale. There are bold color choices that can really set off your home as unique. Blue, green, red, and jet black aren’t as uncommon as you may think. Certain types of homes lend well to bold colors.

Image credit: John Malick & Associates

This home utilizes shades of green in a poised French country style. It gives hints of limestone, pairing well with light blue shutters and lush landscaping.

Image credit: Family Home Plans

This Tudor style home is built with a bright red roof. It’s a unique nod to medieval architecture featuring steep roofs, multiple gables, and brickwork. Jet black roofs can look quite sophisticated on tudor homes. Exterior flame lanterns and elaborate gardens tie in the luxurious look. In the 1920’s, only the most wealthy citizens could afford Tudor style homes.

Image credit: Houzz Forums

Light gray, white, and soft blues synchronize like peanut butter and jelly. Blue roofs allude to Mediterranean style homes, especially like those on the shoreline in Santorini, Greece. They transform homes into getaways – without being over the top.

Explore your shingle options

There are more options for shingle roofing now than ever before. RoofCrafters is committed to only the best materials and professional installation practices. Our project planners will visit your home and help make recommendations for elegant shingle colors, and much more.

Get started with an experienced project planner today!

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