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Customer Story: RoofCrafters’ Process Was “Fascinatingly Efficient”

The following story is in the customer’s own words. Jacob’s residential project was completed in August 2021 in Round Rock, Texas.

Starting the Process: Insurance

I’m a new homeowner in Round Rock. I bought the house in May of 2020, and the roof was in pretty good shape. Unfortunately, the big hail storm this past spring caused a lot of damage to it – and to the Lexus, I bought just one month prior.

My first step was to call my home insurance company, Nationwide. Luckily, they were on top of things. They sent out an inspector to take a look at the damage on the roof. I didn’t need to be home for his inspection. He took chalk to the roof, marking all the damage. He took pictures of it.

Shortly after, my home insurance claim adjuster gave me a call to inform me the roof was a total loss.

Jacob’s home in May of 2020

Informing my Mortgage Company

Nationwide sent a check to my home address, and it was made out to both me and the mortgage company I purchased my home through. My mortgage company required me to send the physical check to them by mail. My mortgage company then sent the check back to me after they endorsed it.

The reason they have to endorse these checks is because the condition of my home matters to them. If I were to default (meaning to stop making payments) on my mortgage, they would take control of the house and sell it in order to recoup their loss. So they want to ensure I spend the insurance money on the roof – and not on anything else.

Meeting RoofCrafters

I heard about RoofCrafters from a friend who had their roof replaced by them a few years back. I read their Google reviews and gave them a call. The secretary set me up with Bruce, one of their project planners.

Bruce came to my house a few days later. He asked for my insurance claim adjuster’s contact information and worked with her to sort out the financial side of things. He inspected the roof to make sure he agreed with the insurance’s assessment on what replacement should cost.

Luckily, Bruce found that the insurance company underestimated the quality of my shingles. He informed the insurance company about this and they increased their payment to me.

Choosing Shingles

Bruce also brought shingle samples that day. I was able to see the colors, patterns, and types of shingles available to choose from up close. I settled on GAF’s Timberline HDZ “Weathered Wood” shingle. I’d been wanting to get rid of the rusty colors on the exterior of my house and replace them with grays. So this shingle was perfect. RoofCrafters also included a fresh coat of light gray paint for the various vents in pipes that were dirty and rusty.

The new shingles we chose were “architectural” (or dimensional) shingles, which would be an upgrade from what I had previously. They’re thicker and more resistant to impact and wind. Plus, they just look nice.

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GAF Timberline HDZ Weathered Wood Shingles. Photo courtesy Home Depot

Material Drop-Off

The next step was for RoofCrafters’ working team to drop off their materials at my house. When they arrived, they backed a long trailer into my driveway.

The trailer had a conveyor belt attached. One worker stood on the trailer and fed boxes of materials onto the conveyor belt. Another worker stood on the roof, receiving the materials from the belt and stacking them. It was fascinatingly efficient.

I wasn’t required to be home during drop-off, but I’m glad I was. That conveyor belt was cool. I wish I would’ve taken a picture.

Installation Day

After dropping the materials off on a Friday, installation began on the following Monday. The working team began at seven in the morning. Hammering on the roof was definitely a ruckus, but I was still able to work from home that day.

After roof replacement – further plans include painting dark sections with lighter shades of gray

I couldn’t believe they finished the entire job by mid-afternoon. It seemed almost too easy. All the old materials made quite a mess on my driveway and rock garden, but their clean-up was actually immaculate. Several months later, I still haven’t found a single straggling nail.

The area where the skylight is located is technically classified as a flat roof. Flat roofs require certain materials and installation techniques compared to higher slopes.

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