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Checklist for a Seamless Home Remodeling Project

Checklist for a Seamless Home Remodeling Project

Planning is key when it comes to a hassle-free and seamless home renovation. It would help to know the costs involved in your project and how long it will take to complete it. Knowing how to address issues you may encounter during the remodeling process can ensure that it is finished on time.

Checklist for a Seamless Home Remodeling ProjectHere are things that should be included in your home remodeling checklist from RoofCrafters, your best metal roofing company

1. Essentials – List the projects you wish to complete and categorize them by what you want and need. Narrow them down by priority so you know which has to be done first. 

2. Budget – Obtain estimates before you settle with a contractor. Set aside at 10% of the budget for any unexpected costs. 

3. Calendar – Set goals and deadlines for your renovation. Take note of the weather conditions in your area during certain months. You wouldn’t want to expose your home to extreme weather events, which can also delay your project. 

4. Contractor – It’s recommended to get at least three bids when looking for a contractor. Give the contractors detailed bid sheet of what you want to be done in your home. Make sure to inform them about the materials, fixtures, windows types and doors you prefer, including the brand. 

5. References – To give you an idea about the workmanship of a roofing company or any contractor, ask them to give you names of at least three past clients you can call. Research on the companies, and make sure you’re choosing one with a complete license and insurance. 

6. Permits – Contact the building inspector in your area to determine your neighborhood’s zoning regulations. You should also take note of any homeowner’s association requirements in your neighborhood. 

7. Living Arrangements – Plan where you’re going to store your furniture and appliances. Decide whether you’re staying in or moving out during the renovation. Keep in mind that renovation can disrupt your daily routine. Some projects will involve turning off your water supply for a day while others can make your home very dusty.

Choose RoofCrafters for quality home improvement services. Aside from being one of your most trusted local roofing and siding contractors, we are also known for our remodeling services. We specialize in home additions, window replacement, door installation, painting and more. Call us at (888) 299-5552, or fill out our online form for a free estimate. 

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