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America’s Love Affair With Decks

Decks are extremely popular. In fact, it’s one of the top home improvements projects. But why are decks a great investment?

Adds Livable Space

A deck is a great way to extend your interior into your exterior, creating a bigger livable space for you. Decks are generally versatile so you can use them as a nice area to spend time with your family or to work or play.

Ideal for Outdoor Entertainment

If you like hosting family dinners or birthday parties, having a deck will surely play to your advantage. It’s definitely a great place to entertain guests, especially when the weather is nice. And, since you no longer have to restrict your guests to your interior, you can invite more people to your get-together. You can also add a grill so that you can host summer barbecues. If you’re worried about being directly exposed to the sun or the rain ruining your party, you can opt to install a roof for your deck.

Boosts Home Value

Decks are often an attractive feature for potential homebuyers. They tend to help create a family-oriented atmosphere, especially in outdoor living spaces. That said, adding a deck to your home can increase the value of your home.

Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Project

Deck construction is one of the cheapest projects that you can do. Kitchen additions or renovations may even cost you more than an average decking project. Furthermore, the process of building a deck is typically fast. It won’t take you more than a couple of weeks to finish the project.

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