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4 Different Ways to Make More Room for Your Family

Are you and your spouse expecting another child? Do you have a relative staying over for a few months? Do you have a teenager asking for their own room? If so, you’ll most likely need more space around your home. Unfortunately, when it comes to this, some homeowners tend to put their space-making plans off for one simple reason: they don’t know where to start.

To help you, we’ve pulled together the four different ways you can make more room around your home for your growing family.

  1. Basement or attic – The basement or attic is often used by most homeowners as storage spaces for their excess items. However, what some tend to forget is that it can also be used as a spare bedroom. Simply remove and relocate the items stored there, and perform a few touch ups around the room before adding a bed. Now, you’ll have an extra bedroom for your teenage child or visiting relatives.

  1. Kitchen and dining room – If you feel like your kitchen and dining room is too small for your family, consider having the wall that separates them from one another knocked down. That way, you can have a large open kitchen with a dining area. With the extra space, you can add a longer table or a kitchen island with extra seats for your growing family.

  1. Home additions – On the other hand, if there really is no more room in your home itself, but you have a lot of yard space, consider having a mother-in-law unit built. That way, everyone in the home will have their own spaces without getting in anybody else’s way. 

  1. Bathroom – Not enough bathrooms for everyone? If you have an extra closet that isn’t used much, you can turn it into an extra bathroom for your home.

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